We show full commitment. Like offering all services at attractive prices.

A cool city, an attractive neighborhood, a fully furnished apartment, an inspiring community – that’s Zymma’s recipe. We create the conditions so that you can live comfortably with other people under one roof for a while. There you exchange ideas, pursue your project, sharpen your personality – before you are drawn out into the world again.


The Zymma team consists of people who come from different corners of the world and have very different lifestyles and professions. They are all united by the conviction that living with other people makes life really worth living. That is why they work every day to expand the Zymma community


At Zymma you live as you have always wanted: a cozy apartment in a central location, a practically furnished room – and of course nice roommates. Because only they make your new home a real home. We make sure that everything fits together, and that you feel comfortable in your new home.


Moving is effective. Bet you will be amazed at how easy and relaxed it is with zymma?


Zymma means more than living. We bring you together with people who fit you and enrich your life.


We show full commitment. Like offering all services at attractive prices.


The founders of Zymma are Michaela Spielberger and Friedrich Trotha. Their mission is to enable people to live in a temporary community on the best terms. Because the life plan of more and more young people provides for freelance work: They want to earn money, but also see the world. Zymma is the answer to this modern urban lifestyle.