Did we make you curious? No wonder! After all, the Zymma lifestyle offers you many advantages. Perhaps you are still not quite sure how our concept works. That is why we have kept everything neatly here for you.

What is Zymma?

Zymma is aimed at young, dynamic people who work on a project in a city for a certain period of time, at self-employed people, start-up founders, digital nomads, students and at people who travel a lot. They live together in a shared apartment. Networking is a top priority for them.

Which rooms are shared?

The common areas such as kitchen, bathroom, living room and dining room are shared. They are furnished in a simple and timeless style, and form the heart of the apartment, so to speak: Here, the residents exchange visions, and support each other in their professional and private plans.

Where can I find Zymma?

We are currently offering our co-living spaces in Dusseldorf and Bochum. But we are growing fast. Our goal is to offer Zymma to many cities in Germany, and to continuously expand the Zymma network.

What is co-living?

In co-living, a few people share an apartment in the middle of a city. The apartment has several furnished rooms that you can only rent for a short time. The minimum length of stay with us is six months, the notice period is one month. It can be pulled in and out quickly and easily.

Which services are included?

The rental price includes furniture, WiFi, additional costs for electricity, gas and water, key service and cleaning of the common areas. If necessary, you can book additional services, for example a storage room or an e-scooter. We also offer a cleaning service for your room.

Who are my roommates?

Your roommates are people who suit you. They represent the same values, share your interests, and live a lifestyle that is similar to yours. In the member area on our website you can look at the residents of an apartment and consider whether they appeal to you.