Become a landlord

Zymma is easy on the nerves. Because Zymma reduces your expenses as a landlord to a minimum and grants you more time resources for other things. We take care of everything related to the rental of your property. You are only available to us as a contact person and exchange information with us on a regular basis.


We conclude a long-term lease with you for three to five years. For you that means continuity and security. We also agree an indexed rent with you. So your rental income always stays in line with the market and you don’t have to worry about rent adjustments.  


If you enter into a contract with Zymma, you are exempt from all organizational and administrative tasks. We look after the tenants, replace defective devices, buy new furniture, ensure that the internet works and take care of the key and cleaning service.  


If you decide to rent with Zymma, your bank will be happy. Because a long-term rental contract with us makes you a valued customer. The bank will be happy to work with a partner like you in the long term, and would like to thank you with advantageous terms.


Zymma turns your property into an extremely attractive property and thus contributes to its increase in value. Because we invest sustainably and keep your property in good shape. After all, it is important to us that the residents can live in a modern and well-kept home.


Do you know someone who owns a house or an apartment? Someone who could appreciate the many benefits of working with Zymma? Make him aware of us, and ask him to contact us. In a first conversation, we will provide non-binding information and answer questions.